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Superior Lead Conversion Process

Referral Partner Landing Pages

Daily AI allows you to create customized landing pages for all of your referral partners. Your referral partners can then upload leads directly to your CRM at which point Daily AI goes to work for you to schedule your loan application.

Realtor Uploading and Alerts

Once a referral partner uploads a lead to your CRM, you receive a notification right away. At the same time. Daily AI goes right to work to schedule the application appointment for you and reaches out to the lead on your behalf. Within minutes, your referral partner will receive a text that says you’ve received the lead and reached out, and lets the partner know they will receive an update shortly.

Upload a lead to Spencer Dusebout

Lead Routing

Route incoming leads to your best closers, or to your best automated campaigns. Track everything through custom key performance indicators to better understand your ROI and conversion rate.

Lead Routing

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