Partner Lead Upload

Partner tools

When a new lead is uploaded, Daily AI syncs the contact with your CRM and goes straight to work scheduling the loan application appointment on your behalf.

Additionally, Daily AI alerts the referral partner that you have started reaching out and will give them an update ASAP. Once again, Daily AI picks up the manual tasks lenders do and automates them, saving them time and allowing lenders to work more on their business than in it.

Referral partners can also upload new leads directly to your CRM, which is key to ensure that the partner’s lead information is imported in the way you have designed, remaining in line with the best practices you work so hard to maintain.

Partner landing pages

Have each of your referral partners to create their own customized landing pages.

Automatic Realtor Reporting

Send automated weekly reports sent to your referral partners, including all leads, status, milestones, and any notes you choose to share. Pick which day of week and what time, and Daily AI automatically sends out the lead report.

Advanced Metrics

How do you know which part of your business is bringing you down? Daily AI allows you to track all of your metrics and KPIs through automation, so you have a clear understanding of where your business may be falling short. There is never any need to manually input information into spreadsheet. Daily AI will provide key insights into your business tracking you and your team's conversion rates.

Track all of the following key factors:

  • Calls, text messages, emails, and notes taken

  • Customized key performance indicators

  • Team members follow-ups, pull-through rates, and KPIs

Unlock your greatest potential with Daily AI.