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Drip Campaigns for Every Occasion


Want to stand out with your clients? Don't miss the chance to stay in touch with them on a regular basis. Use Daily AI drip campaigns for any occasion you'd like to reach out — and enroll all post-close clients automatically for an easy database marketing solution.

Birthday and Home Anniversary Nurture


Touchstones such as birthdays and home anniversaries are a great way to stay in touch with past clients. Daily AI enables you to enroll clients in post-close nurture campaigns that help you celebrate these landmark dates and remind them you're here to help. 

Marketing Center

In partnership with MAXA Designs, Daily AI provides you with a fully customizable marketing center with pre-built Instagram and Facebook posts, co-branded flyers, and so many more. Upload your information once, and all of your templates will automatically populate in two clicks.


Mass Email

Daily AI has a mass email feature built directly into the CRM. You can send video emails that play within the browser. All emails sent can be tracked, providing you with key metrics such as deliveries, opens, and clicks.

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