LOS Sync

Daily AI has built-in integrations to directly sync with the following:

  • Encompass

  • Calyx Point

  • Byte

  • Lending QB (Coming Soon)

Once you have integrated the tools you need, all your loan information will port and automatically update whenever information is added or updated in your external platform. This will also set you up for automatic nurture campaigns each time a client reaches a new milestone.

Powerful In-Process Updates

Automated communication

Communicate with lender, buyers agent, selling agent, title, LOA, JLO, and more - all through automation.

Task automation for referral partners.

Daily AI saves time and energy that lenders need by automating the tasks and routines. Improved communication with your referral partners during the process takes one more manual process off your plate.

Milestone updates

Daily AI connects with all major LOS providers and tracks all major milestone changes and provides all the updates that you and your partners need. You can send a text, email, video email, or run a drip campaign upon every milestone update. Plus, every closed loan is automatically added to your post-close nurture campaigns.

Video Email Marketing

Get rid of all your extra tech platforms. Daily AI has all the tools you need in a single location, even recording and sending video email marketing and updates directly through the CRM.

On top of that you can track all of your open rates, unsubscribes and clicks directly from the email marketing metrics page.

Unlock your greatest potential with Daily AI.