Voice Calling

Call your leads directly through the CRM — no phone needed! You can track all calls, timestamps, and notes associated with the call.

Daily AI metrics track your phone calls as related to your closed loan pull-through-rate, so you can track performance over time.

Dynamic Drip Campaigns

Campaigns for every situation

Drip campaigns have all the media types that your clients want to engage with, including SMS text, video text, voicemail, email, and video email.

Pre-built drip campaigns

Daily AI provides you with a number of pre-built campaigns. Just add your voicemails and video. and you’re ready to go.

Auto-stop on reply

All drip campaigns automatically stop when a client responds. Whether the reply is sent by call, text, or email, Daily AI recognizes it and automatically stops the campaign for you so no unwanted messages are sent on your behalf.

Built-in media recorder

Recording videos and voicemails on your phone, transferring them to your computer, shrinking the files, and uploading them to your CRM can be a very intense process. Daily AI allows you to record your media directly through the CRM. With three clicks, any media can be uploaded to you drip campaigns and milestone updates.

Smart Follow-Up

Most lenders are great at calling a lead for the first time. But with the time constraints lenders deal with, it can be incredibly hard to find the time to follow up repeatedly with all your leads.

With Daily AI, all you’ll need to do is disposition a lead to engage effortless automation! Changing the lead status will trigger all the appropriate Smart Follow-Ups you need. Just add your videos and voicemails (scripts included) and you're set.

Unlock your greatest potential with Daily AI.